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E-Mail-Marketing by ActiveCampaign

Anuseva Holding is using “ActiveCampaign” by Active Campaign Inc., 1 N Dearborn, 5th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60602. ActiveCampaign, Inc. provides a marketing platform that allows clients to reach their customers, to understand how their customers interact with those communications and other content, and to customize marketing based on their customers’ interests.

Articles 44-50 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cover the specific requirements for transferring personal data to third parties or international organizations. The GDPR does not require that personal data of EU citizens remain exclusively in the EU, but it does have some requirements for such transfers.

In terms of hosting data in EU servers and/or data transfers from the EU to the U.S. under GDPR, we expect that you will be able to continue to rely on our EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD certification in order to transfer any lawfully obtained personal data to ActiveCampaign using our Services.

You can find more details on Privacy Shield Certification for Active Campaign at

You can find here the GDPR Compliance and the Privacy Policy of Active Campaign.

We’re using checkbox custom fields in a form that contacts must check in order to provide consent. Forms of the Anuseva Holding requires confirmation opt-in. A new user asks to be subscribed to the mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed or single opt-in, a confirmation email is sent to verify it was really them. Generally, unless the explicit step is taken to verify the end-subscriber’s e-mail address, such as clicking a special web link or sending back a reply email, it is difficult to establish that the e-mail address in question indeed belongs to the person who submitted the request to receive the e-mail. Using a confirmed opt-in (COI) (also known as a Double opt-in) procedure helps us to ensure that a third party is not able to subscribe someone else accidentally, or out of malice, since if no action is taken on the part of the e-mail recipient, they will simply no longer receive any messages from the list operator.

Amazon affiliate program

Some of our site operators participating in the Amazon EU partner program. Our pages contain advertisements and links to the sites run by through which we can earn referral fees. Amazon uses cookies to trace the origin of the orders. As a result, Amazon can detect that you clicked the affiliate link on our website.

The storage of Amazon cookies is based on Art. 6 (f) DSGVO. The website operator has a legitimate interest in this service since it only receives credit for referral fees if these cookies are set.

To obtain more information about how Amazon uses your data, see the Amazon privacy policy at

Components of our privacy policy are also:
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3. Data protection officer
4. Data collection on our website
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6. Analytics and advertising
7. Newsletter data
8. Plugins and tools
9. Online marketing and affiliate programs
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11. Rights of users and Deletion of data
12. Changes to the privacy policy
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